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Cut by Wolfgang Puck

When I was a kid some of the channels that I frequently watched were Cartoon Network, The Disney channel, and The Lifestyle Network. I’d watch Emiril’s Chocolate show, Mario Batali’s Molto Mario, and of course Wolfgang Puck’s show. Watching those shows while having dinner really made me salivate. That was how my food curiosity started.

Passing by Wolgang Puck’s restaurant, Cut, one Thursday night, I decided to make reservations for my cousin and I. Because they were already fully booked through Saturday night the odds of this happening were looking slim. As fate would have it, they were able to squeeze us in for Friday night at 9:30.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that Cut is almost always fully booked. So if you’re planning on eating there, you must make reservations a week to two weeks in advance. 

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The first thing that welcomes you is the sleek bar they have in front. Going in the dimly lit restaurant you will see big portraits of different celebrities. The restaurant’s modern interior screams “hoity-toity”.

On the way to our table, the waiters were already entertaining us; telling us what to order, if we wanted wine, or whatnot. They were probably just trying to get us to spend more, or trying to rack up big tips at the end. In all fairness though, they did provide us with fast and efficient service. 

Bread sticks with parmesan shavings
Puff pastry with cheese
The bread sticks, the different kinds of steak were presented, and another kind of bread, the puff pastry, was served while we were still deciding on what to order. However, I’m not going to tell you what we ordered without getting into the puff pastry with cheese first. It might look ordinary but after the first bite the warm bread with its freshly baked aroma, mild cheese, and soft texture will smite you with every bite. After finishing a piece what’s left is the spicy kick that leaves your mouth watering and wanting more.

Bone Marrow Flan
We finally decided to get the bone marrow flan and scallop “carpaccio”- both were recommended by the waiter- for appetizers after taking time to really savor the complimentary dishes.
I’m not really a fan of bone marrow, but it’s one of Wolfgang Puck’s bestsellers, so I decided to give it a try. I will definitely give in! Anticipating the bone marrow with curiosity, I was amazed by the presentation the moment the plate was served. Not being familiar with how bone marrow should taste, I wasn’t in awe of its flavor. I found it already too creamy, then with the bread (toasted brioche) it became creamier. I actually preferred eating the mushroom marmalade on the side. However, the wine complimented it nicely. it was a good pair with the wine. After devouring the dish, I asked the waiter if that was really their best seller because I wasn’t really amazed. Although, by the end of the meal I was hooked on bone marrow. In fact, I really wanted to know what it tasted like when it wasn’t a flan. I mean, could its presentation (back in the bone as custard paired with a mushroom marmalade and parsley salad) have anything to do with how deliciously addictive it was? I needed to know. 

Hokkaido Scallop "carpaccio"
The other appetizer we ordered was the Hokkaido Scallop “carpaccio” with shaved myoga and wasabi-kosho ponzu. Fresh and sweet scallops combined with the shaved Japanese ginger (myoga) in a wasabi-kosho ponzu (Ponzu is a kind of Japanese citrus sauce) dressing (made my palate jump. I could taste the freshness in every bite of the scallop. A burst of flavor in each piece! Mmmm mm

Bread was served again after the appetizers. They were all fresh I didn’t eat them all anymore even if I wanted to. I was already full. My tummy might be able to hold the next few courses. Sigh. 

USDA Prime, Illinois Corn Fed, Aged 21 days Petit Cut Filet Mignon 170g

All their steaks are “grilled over hard wood and charcoal then finished under a 1200 degree boiler”, or at least that’s what it says on their menu. All I can say is: perfect! It came with sea salt and different kinds of mustard: Dijon mustard, whole grain, English, and this violet one whose name escapes me at the moment. Although there really wasn’t a need for all that. The steak stood on its own, thus living up to the restaurant’s reputation. For the steak connoisseurs and steak lovers, this is not a restaurant to be missed. 

Lemon blueberry baked Alaska, white chocolate buttermilk cake, blueberry compote
Last but especially not the least, for dessert was Baked Alaska (it’s a sponge cake and ice cream dessert topped with meringue). When the waiter was just about to serve the dessert I saw it from afar and already knew it was yummy. I love everything with a soft meringue outside. Already placed on the table I didn’t even want to touch it. It was too fragile, divine, and delicate. I didn’t want to eat it because I didn’t want to lose such a lovable piece of cake. Cutting through the cake with a fork the ice cream oozed out. Oh, that was such a sight to see! Then I finally ate it.
I wanted to scream, jump, and celebrate! It was party in my mouth! Partay, I say!
The lemon and blueberry made a perfect pair complimenting each other’s flavor. The buttermilk cake equalized the tangy taste of the fruits. The meringue added oomph to the cakes’ texture. The ice cream well, took it off to heaven! 

Capping off with this post-dessert treat we ended dinner with a delight. What an experience! 

   Cut by Wolfgang Puck
The Shoppes
Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue

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