Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pizzeria Mozza

After arriving at the hotel from the airport we decided to go straight to Pizzeria Mozza for our dinner reservation at 6 (even with our big hand-carry bags and free water bottles from the hotel). Tired and sleepy from the long flight, we were widely awakened by the well-lit, cozy, wine-cellar type ambiance of our dinner room fit for 17 people.

(Photo from my brother's iPhone)

(Photo from my film camera)
The utensils are kept in a cute Pizzeria Mozza envelope together with the napkin & a cute cardboard which you can write a letter on.

The menu

To begin such  a wonderful Italian fare trip these Parmesan and herb crisps are served inside a little brown bag paper bag as you sit.

Boy is this addicting! I could barely stop myself from getting hence this 2nd parmesan crisp photo.
This melt-in-your-mouth Arancine alla Bolognese is a fried risotto ball fille with cheese and ground pork on a Bolognese sauce.
Even if the Tricolore with Parmigiano Reggiano & Anchovy Dressing only contained vegetable leaves, its brackish anchovy dressing made the salad savory. 
When the Calamari al Forno with Salsa Calabrese came out I was surprised that it was paired with chickpeas and white beans. It was my first time to eat calamari with beans, oregano, and lemon drizzled olive oil but it turned into my top-pick appetizer. 

Clams al Forno with Salsa Calabrese
I assume hat the purpose of the bread with the cheese is to mellow down the spicy kick from the clams.

Chicken Wings Al Forno . One spicy wing was enough.  

Chicken Wings Al Forno
One spicy wing was enough.

The Pizza: Unlike the usual doughy pizza crusts, theirs were thin, crispy, and light. The toppings too were fresh and juicy. There is no doubt about the reason for their pizza’s hype.

Stracciatella with Scallions, Funghi, Thyme, &Parmesan
Funghi Misit, Fontina, Taleggion, and Thyme
Prosciutto di Parma, Rucola, Tomato and Mozzarela
After eating all of these we had to leave the restaurant to catch Wicked at 7 30. In spite of leaving, we didn’t forget to come back for dessert.

Decadent and creamy but not too sweet, the Butterscotch budino (budino, which is Italian for "pudding"),  Maldon sea salt and rosemary pine nut cookies will surprise you with each spoonful. 
Eggnog Gelato, I will never forget you.

Among all the Celebrity Chefs’ restaurants, Pizzeria Mozza has the most reasonable price. The place is not at all pretentious so it makes you feel welcome. The ambiance at the same time is modern yet cozy. Their private dining room, which makes you feel like you’re in a wine cellar, will make you want to stay for a glass of wine or two. Finally, the food here especially the pizza and the to-die-for gelato was one of the highlights of my Singapore trip. I would definitely go back. Overall, Pizzeria Mozza lived up to my expectations and even more. 

One of the songs that played: The Beatles- Come Together

Pizzeria Mozza 
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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