Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kraze Burgers

The menu
All the celebrity restaurants became tiring after a while. We needed a break. So my brother and I tried this Kraze Burgers food chain that a lot of people, who have stayed in MBS (Marina Bay Sands), have been talking about. On our way to the place, I could already see a lot of people in the restaurant. I figured that their burgers must be really tasty. 


Having no idea on their bestseller or whatnot my brother ordered the K.B++. It's KB's Original Burger (which consists of a natural beef patty, American cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mayo, Kraze sauce and pickles on their freshly baked bun) plus double bacon and fried eggs. Salivating by the sight of the waiter coming towards our table with the burger, my tummy smiled and grumbled. I love everything with eggs and in it so I thought that this burger could actually make it on my list. Well, until I took my first bite. Everything was just tasteless except for the egg. The second bite was an apology for the first but it still didn't make it. Although, the eggs made up for their tasteless beef patty, it made the burger a bit juicy too. 

K.G Burger

I chose the K.G. burger (Bulgogi Burger) thinking that stood out among the burger flavors. I didn't know what to expect seeing the burger. It looked mediocre but sounded quite tempting with their “Korean-style barbecued beef patty added with a unique Bulgogi sauce along with mushrooms on a whole-wheat bun” description.  My thoughts about the burger remained the same after I took a bite except my K.G Burger is more lifeless than my brother’s. Though I thank God for the side dish. It kind of uplifted my mood.
Lastly, I just want to ask: What really is the craze about these burgers? I don’t get it. 

 10 Bayfront Ave,
 #B2-54 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands 

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